Applying Settings in Options Tab, Item Selection, and Analytics via Multi-Edit

Default settings are managed in System Settings as documented in the section System Settings. System settings may be overwritten at the item level via the items options tab, item selection, and any of the analytic pages by using the multi-edit functionality.

Go to Item Selection or any of the Analytics Interface

Select the item or group of items you would like to select by searching for the item or using one of the many selection options. Filtering limits the selection interface to only show the item or group of items you would like to tag. Read the article Item Selection Interface to learn about searching and filtering items.

  1. In the example below, we filtered by the tag "Test-1"
  2. Click on "Select All" or check the item after the filter is applied to select the item(s).
  3. Click "Edit" to open Multi-Edit options.

Multi-Edit Option and Apply Modes

  1. Select the options to change for the selected items. You may click on each tab to view only the applicable settings.
  2. Choose the apply mode per the description below (if S&OP is enabled)
  3. Click save at the bottom of the options after making the change.

Apply Mode when S&OP is Enabled:

There are two apply modes depending on if you are in requirement planning or requirement review.

  • In requirement planning, the options are Both (default) or Requirement Plan
  • In requirement review, the options are Both (default) or S&OP

In Requirement Planning, the user has a choice to apply the options change to either the Requirement Plan or Both requirement planning and S&OP. When applied to only Requirement Planning it is a temporary update. The setting is applied until the approval of the next S&OP plan. When the S&OP plan is approved, the settings made that were Requirement Planning only, are overwritten by the settings in S&OP.

In Requirement Review, the user has a choice to apply the options change to either the S&OP only or Both S&OP and Requirement Planning. When applied to only S&OP, it allows the user to try different options to see their impact against the supply plan before affecting the prior approved requirement planning settings. The setting is applied to the requirement plan upon approval of the S&OP plan.

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