Integrating with Plex

Setup Mapping

Plex – Mapping UI >> Setup the proper settings

Create PCN's

Plex – PCNs UI >> Add one or more PCNs.

The FTP account info is mandatory so you have to put something right from the start.

Create the Data Connector

  1. Processing
  2. Connectors
  3. Add one connector of type Plex API Connector and
  4. Add one or more PCNs from the drop down.
  5. Click Save

In case you have entered many PCNs, you may want to test one initially to ensure it is correctly configured. This is where you control which PCNs a Connector connect to.

Start the Data Connector

  1. Click the Arrow to start

Create the Extraction

  1. ETL
  2. Extractions
  3. Create a new extraction
  4. Click Save

Create the Transformation

  1. ETL
  2. Transformations
  3. Enter the information for each table
  4. Click Save

Due to DemandCaster Data Hub architecture, a transformation needs to be created even though there is no transformation required for a Plex integration.

Create the ETL Template to Test

  1. ETL
  2. Data Management
  3. Create a new test ETL template. The most important step here is to leave unchecked the checkbox “DataLoad” The data will not be loaded to DemandCaster while testing is performed.
  4. Select one or more transformations to test
  5. Click Save

Run the Test ETL Template

  1. Run the ETL template and check for results /errors.
  2. If OK, change the ETL to a Live option by following the step above and then schedule the extraction as required
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