How to Delete an Old Item in DemandCaster

By default item that are deleted in your ERP are not automatically removed from DemandCaster.

Please note that if the item is not deleted in your ERP, it will re-appear with the next upload. If you would like to disable or deactivate the item instead, please follow the steps as described in the How to Disable or Deactivate Item article.

The steps described below apply to all data tables where the uploaded value is not automatically removed with each upload i.e. customers, vendors, and product categories.

Go to Data Maintenance

  1. Click on "Data"
  2. Click on "Data Maintenance"
  3. You will be in the Product data maintenance view. Click on the drop down to select and view a different table.

Search for the Item to Delete

  1. Enter item in search box and click search or enter to find the item. You may also find the item by searching in the list of items in the table.
  2. Click on the X to delete items one at a time.
  3. To delete multiple items at once, check the item to be deleted and click "Delete" in the tool bar.  

Find Old Items by Date

An alternate means to find and delete old items is by searching by "Last Updated Date." Since it upload has a date stamp, if an item is no longer in an upload, it will have an older date stamp. Filter the view to show only items that were uploaded prior to the last successful upload will show all items no longer in the ERP.

You can search for old items two ways:

  1. By sorting the "Last Updated" time stamp with the oldest first by click on the "Last Updated" header twice. The second click sorts oldest to newest.
  2. You may also enter a date in the date field to find items uploaded earlier than the date selected. If the last successful upload was today, enter a date of yesterday to find items that are not in todays upload.

After identifying the old items, follow the deletion steps described above.

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