Linking Components

This article describes the process of manually linking a new or existing components to another existing component in a bill of material. This is helpful when introducing new BOM for an existing finished good in the future.

For finished goods linking, please read the article Linking Finished Goods

Go to Data Maintenance interface

  1. Click on "Data" in top menu
  2. Click on "Data Maintenance" in second level menu
  3. The "Item" data maintenance group is the default view

Select Linking Type - Transition Linking

  1. For transition linking, SELECT OLD ITEM first to transition to the new item
  2. Select Transition as the Linking Mode
  3. Select the transition type:
    2. Hard (Fixed Start): Regardless of the level of the inventory of the prior component at the time of the link, the transition will occur at the specified date.
    3. Temporary (Fixed Period): If a component is being used for a short period of time (i.e. holiday packaging), the transition to the new component will start and end at the specified dates. At the end date, the old component will be planned once again.
  4. Select the Parent to apply the link. All the finished goods where the old component is part of will be visible. Select one or many finished goods where the transition will be applied in a location specific manner. The same parent and component linking combination can be executed with different dates by location.
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