How to use tagging to Automatically Deactivate Items

DemandCaster is able to automatically deactivate an item that is also deactivated in your system using tags. To do so, you need an automated tag file set up as documented in the article How to quickly assign multiple tags to items? Thereafter, you must assign the tag that is used in your system to identify a deactivated item.

Go to the Tags page

  1. Click on Utilities
  2. Then Tags

Click the "Removed" Radio Button

Click the "Removed" radio button for tag that is used to identify deactivated items in your ERP system.

Upon making the assignment, as new deactivated items are tagged with the specific tag, they will be automatically deactivated in DemandCaster.

Please note that for items that have received the tag prior to assigning them to the "Removed" function, you will need to manually deactivate them by following the steps in the article How to De-Activate, Re-Activate, Disable, and Enable Items. This process only works on a go forward basis.

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