Manufacturing Planning Settings

Following settings are applied when a BOM and/or Capacity management modules are enabled.

Capacity calculations type: Options are time based or quantity based. Time sets capacity based on the number of hours of capacity available by day by work center. Quantity sets the capacity based on the number of units per day.

Enable planned orders for capacity analysis: Extend planned orders to capacity to identify future issues or capacity constraints.

Enable backflushing: An inventory management process that depletes on hand inventory after the shop order is completed. Only enable if the company utilizes back-flushing. May be applied at the item level if this inventory management process is not universally applicable.

Work order queue time (in hours): This is the default value used for capacity planning. It is the set time period to be used between operations. The value is in hours.

Work order completion date buffer (in days): The number of days that work orders are back scheduled. By default, orders in DemandCaster are back scheduled starting one day before the order's due date.

Order Lead Time (days): The number of calendar days from order to expected receipt. Used primarily in production to set an order time that is different than the production lead time to allow the components to explode at the shorter production lead time.

Transfer Lead Time (days): Calendar days to transfer from location to location.

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