Forecast Analysis

Demand Planning (S&OP) Forecast Analytics Page

  1. Demand Type: Type of demand. Types are independent demand from direct customer sales, dependent demand from either a BOM explosion or inventory transfer, or both
  2. Order / Stock: Is the item make or purchase to order or make or purchase to stock.
  3. Forecast Source: Where the forecast is coming from. S&OP means it is coming from the demand planning process in which case the forecast is context forecast (ie item forecast by customer) or statistical in which the forecast is an item based forecast when the S&OP module is not enabled. There is also a user defined forecast option in which the forecast is uploaded to requirement planning.
  4. MAPE: Mean absolute percent error
  5. RMSE: Root mean squared error
  6. MAD: Mean average deviation
  7. Forecast Model : The type of statistical forecast model applied. If S&OP is shown the specific forecast model is not provided since the source is a sum of context based forecasts for the given item.
  8. Intermittent Demand: Yes means the item is an intermittent demand item.
  9. Forecast Bucket: Specifies if the forecast is based on weekly (w) or monthly (m) buckets.
  10. Last 13W Avg.: The last 13 week average of demand
  11. Next 13W Avg.: The next 13 week average of forecast
  12. Stability Index: The balance between the last 13 week and next 13 week averages.

Item Forecasting Forecast Analytics Page

Same as above with the difference between the values are based on item based forecasts (not S&OP).

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