Editing, Approving, and Ignoring Suggested Orders in Planner Action

Click on Suggested Order Values of the Item to Edit

In the example below, we are editing and approving a single order line via the planner action view. Clicking on any blue highlighted value opens the approval dialogue where the order may be edited and approved.

Editing an Order with Multiple Lines

In most every case, the requirement plan generates multiple planned orders into the future. Though the default view is to show the first order line required, you may expand the view to show all suggested order lines. In the example below, we will illustrate how making an edit in the planner action automatically updates subsequent orders.

Prior to editing the order quantity there were two orders suggested at lead time and the firm order horizon. One to address lead time demand and one to address the next requirement beyond the lead time. When the first order is edited, the subsequent order quantities are automatically updated.

Optional: Downloading to ERP

If the function is available, selecting approved order lines and clicking download to ERP will push the approved orders to ERP for execution.

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