Editing and Approving Suggested Orders (Download to ERP)

Editing and approving suggested orders is part of the Requirement Planning / Planner Action process in DemandCaster. This article focuses on managing the process within the Item Planning Detail view.

Approving orders may be used when downloading the requirement to your ERP (if enabled) or keeping track of which items have been reviewed when manually entering the orders in your ERP.

Approve Order within Planner Action Detail

  1. Check boxes of lines that will be approved
  2. Click Approve orders

Order Lines Order Status field turns Blue

  1. The blue background identifies that an order line has been approved
  2. You may reverse an approval by checking the check box of the lines to reverse and clicking on Disapprove
  3. Click on Download to ERP to initiate the automated order creation process to your ERP (if enabled). Only approved orders are downloaded.

Approve Orders within Item Planning Details Interface

Go to the item detail and click on edit button in Suggested Order column header to open the view.

You may edit orders in either the weekly bucket view or daily view (if enabled).

Suggested Order Column Opens

  1. Click on "Edit" in the row to add a planned order (or)
  2. Go to the suggested order where you would like to modify or approve the suggested order and click to open the pop-up
  3. Clicking on "Ø" cancels the suggested order line

Pop-Up Opens

From within the pop-up, you can:

  1. Click on the date to open the date picker to change the due date
  2. Click on the quantity, to change the order quantity
  3. Clicking the "Do not round" checkbox does not round the quantity to it's order increment (case pack)
  4. Click on drop down to change to an alternate supplier or location
  5. Clicking the checkbox will approve the order line
  6. Click "OK" to save

Splitting an Order Line

If you wish to split an order to two suppliers, for example:

  1. Clicking on the split icon creates a second order line in the bucket
  2. Clicking "Edit" will open the pop-up to create a second purchase order line in the same bucket. The quantity of the initial suggestion will not change automatically so please make sure to edit the initial suggestion as required.

Please note that an alternate supplier should be available for the item. This happens automatically if purchases were issued against the alternate supplier in the past. If not, please follow the steps described in the article How to associate more than one supplier with an item

Save Approval

  1. Click "Save" to Save the approval and/or changes
  2. You may cancel the changes made
  3. O, you may Revert all the Changes back to the original suggested requirement after changing and saving by clicking "Revert Suggested Order Changes"

Approved Orders Appear Replenishment Order Column

Any Order Changes that are Made May Require

Any order quantity or date changes that are made will require clicking on the "Regenerate Dependent Requirements" button to cascade the changes to dependent locations and/or components.

The value in the parenthesis identifies the number of entities impacted by the change.

Approved Orders column turn Blue - Planner Action Detail

  1. If a filter has been placed, please remove the filter and select "Yes" in the approved drop down in order to view
  2. Click on Download to ERP to initiate the automated order creation process to your ERP (if enabled). Only approved orders are downloaded.
  3. Any orders that are split to two lines each from different suppliers will be reflected.
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