Clean to Build Color Coded Inventory Status

During the Supply Planning process and Requirement Planning, the color coding feature provides users with the ability to see if the item that is scheduled to be released to production has the components available to do so. It also shows relative availability of a given item to illustrate urgency.

Where is the Color Code Viewed?

The color codes appear in the following interfaces:

  1. Planner Action in Requirement Planning
  2. Requirement Review in S&OP

Color Code Definitions

The process is based on the following three major color code combinations. There are two colors for each item depending on if the item has a BOM. The small square within the circle designates the status of the item itself. A red square means that net available over lead time is negative, green means net available over lead time is greater than or equal to 0. If the item does not have a BOM, the entire circle is a solid color.

Color designation of the item - inside square:

  1. Green: Item level inventory is available to meet demand during lead time.
  2. Yellow: Potential risk of stock-out during the item lead time.
  3. Red: Stock-out at the item level within the first planning bucket.

Color designation of the components - outside circle:

  1. Green: All component level inventory is available to meet demand during lead time.
  2. Yellow: Potential risk of stock-out during one or more of the components lead time.
  3. Red: Stock-out at one or more components within the first planning bucket.

The arrow below pointing to the red circle with the green square that illustrates that item 00129 has enough on hand inventory to meet its lead time demand, however its components are stocked placing its planned replenishment orders at risk.

Click Through to View Component Detail

The user may click on the colored icon to view which components are specifically an issue. This takes the user to the Clean to Build interface that summarizes the availability of components relative to need. As long as there are no reds, the item can be built.

The following shows the detail of item 00129 noted above.

The key columns are the Current On Hand, Qty Required, and Net Available over Lead Time. If the current on hand is greater than the quantity required for the specific suggested order line item but the Net Available over Lead Time is negative, the user may choose to start the given line item over the other line items that also require the component.

Clicking on the arrow icon returns the user back to the planner action list.

BOM Panel View

The user may also click on the "BOM Panel" in the Item Planning Details view to see the BOM. This way the user has a complete view of the item in order to view specific items that may have shortages to make appropriate planning decision.

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