Attribute Based Reporting

In DemandCaster's hierarchical grids and pivot reporting in S&OP, there is an option to report using item or customer based attributes.

The functionality is called Reporting Levels and is enabled by uploading a text file name "reportinglevels" and saving as a tab delimited text file.

Prep Reporting Levels File

To prep the file, the first column will be the base entity. In the example below we are going to build a hierarchy based on items. Starting in column B and above, each unique attribute will be added for each item. In the example below we are adding the attributes of color and size by item.

Once the file is prepared, name the file reportinglevels and save as a tab delimited text file.

Upload the file by following the steps in the support article Manually Uploading Data.

Prep Reporting Levels File

Prep Reporting

There are three reporting options where the reporting levels file is used:

  1. Pivot Grid in Custom Reports
  2. Pivot Edit in Demand Planning
  3. Hierarchical Grids

Pivot Grid Custom Report Option

In Report Type choose pivot grid.

In base entity, choose Item

For Node Type choose "Node" for an overall demand by level based report or "Context Node" for an overall demand by context (i.e. customer) based report.

For Row Type choose "SKU" for an item/location based report (when including supply related data) or "Item" for a demand only based report.

Pivot Grid Custom Report Option
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