Linking Finished Goods

This article describes the process of manually linking a new item or SKU or existing finished good item or SKU to another existing finished good item or SKU. This is done to help forecast demand for newly introduced items or replacements of existing items. As a reminder, an item is a specific item across all locations whereas a SKU is a specific item/location combination.

Linking is a functionality that helps forecast demand for newly introduced items or replacement of existing items. When full linking is made, the old item should be disabled because the goal of the process is the replacement of the old item from the new one. If a new item is linked to an old item and the last one is not disabled, the history at the upper level will be doubled up.

For component linking, please read the article Linking Components


Old Item = Item that is selected to be linked to another item, no matter the new item is existing or newly created; item which history/forecast will affect new item's history/forecast

New Item = Item which history and/or forecast will be affected by the history and/or forecast of the old item

Go to Data Maintenance interface

  1. Click on "Data" in top menu
  2. Click on "Data Maintenance"
  3. The "Item" data maintenance group is the default view

Select the Old item/SKU

  1. Select the old item/SKU you would like to link to the new item/SKU
  2. Click on "Link" to open the linking pop-up. Please make certain your pop-up blocker is off.

Transition Linking

This option is only applicable to full linking and when inventory is being considered in the requirement planning process.

There are two types of transition for finished goods linking.

  1. Soft: The link wont occur unless the prior items inventory is consumed at the time where the transition from old to new is scheduled to take place
  2. Hard: The transition of old to new occurs at a hard date regardless if there is inventory remaining with the prior finished good.
  3. Temporary linking option does not apply to finished goods linking - only component linking.
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