Pivot Grids

This Article describes the process of creating Pivot Grids in DemandCaster.  The Pivot Grid Customer Report type will present the data selected as a pivot gird in DemandCaster allowing you to aggregate data.

Creating a Pivot Grid

  1. Go the the Custom Report list and select add new.
  2. Select the base entity to use to build the report
  3. Select Pivot Grid from the report type drop down.
  4. Determine the filter type.
  • The Data tab provides the data points that case be used in the report. These fields are dependent on the base entity selected.  
  • Checking the select button next to the field adds them to your report. 
  • You can remove fields from the report by clicking the select button again or the unselected all button can be used to remove all values within the selected functional area

Building your report

  1. Once you are satisfied with the selected data fields you can navigate to the view tab to build your report.
  2. Fields selected in the Data tab are available in the all fields box
  3. Selecting them will add them as row or aggregate fields
  4. Once all fields have been added click update to view your report.
  5. Then you can click save state to save the report

Editing and Exporting Pivot grids.

  • Row fields can also be added to the Column fields table by right clicking the field and selecting move to column field
  • After every edit click update to see the change reflected in the report.
  • You can use the export button to view the report in Excel however it will not display as a pivot grid in Excel.
  • Values will be displayed as column fields.
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