Adding Hierarchy Levels to Advanced Planning

Base Hierarchy

The Demand Planning application includes three planning levels by default in the Forecast and Demand Planning hierarchy builders:

  1. Customer
  2. Location
  3. Item

Additional levels may be created as described below.

Create Additional Levels

The new demand planning supports additional levels that can be created to view, edit, and forecast demand. To so, you must create the levels first.

  1. Click "Create Level"
  2. Enter the level name in the pop-up
  3. Click Save

In this example, we have created two levels: Color and Size


Prep Hierarchy File

Once the levels are created, an upload file needs to be prepared (this may also be managed as part of the data integration process).

To prep the file, the first column will be the base entity to which the levels will be added. Cell A-1 must include one of the tree base entities:

  • Customer
  • Location
  • Item

Each base entity will require one file each to create levels. You may have multiple levels (attributes) against each base entity.

In the example below we are going to build a hierarchy based on items. Starting in column B and above, each unique attribute will be added for each item. In the example below we are adding the attributes of color and size by item.

Once the file is prepared, name the file "planninghierarchy" and save as a tab delimited text file.

Upload the file by following the steps in the support article Manually Uploading Data.

Review for Errors

Review any errors in the Data Upload section error log. Reported errors are as follows:

  • Not existing level
  • None of the base levels exist as a column
  • A not existing product, customer, location
  • Empty string

In the example below, there are no reported errors.

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