API Key Reset

Prerequisite: Request Access To PCN

PLEX UX - API Key Reset

  • Go to
  • Type in your user credentials
    • User ID
    • Password
    • Company Code
  • Click on the blue "Login" button
  • Click on the name of the company on the left side in the "COMPANY" box
    • Or click on the down arrow at the top left of the page next to "Plex" and select the company name there
  • Click on the menu button on the top left of the page
  • Click on "Platform"
  • Click on "Integration"
  • Click on "Developer Portal"
  • Click on "Client Applications"
  • Make sure the customer you need is selected in the "Customer" drop down then click the blue "Search" button
  • Click on the number link in the "Secrets" column
    • Alternately you can click on the blue "Client Id" link
      • Then click on the "(Secrets Grid)" link in the "CLIENT CREDENTIALS" box
  • On this page you will see the secrets ID along with details as to when they were created and when they are no longer valid
  • When an API key is no longer valid, click anywhere in the table to select the row for that key and then click "Delete"
    • In the example below the second row (8a....) is selected and we are clicking on the "Delete" button
  • While you get a delete confirmation, it does not define which one you are deleting so make sure you select the correct one to delete.
  • Click on the "Add" button to create a new key
    • NOTE: You will get a new secret in the "New Secret" text box, as the warning suggests you need to copy/record this secret as this will be the ONLY time you see it
  • Once you have successfully copied/recorded the secret click on the "Ok" button to create the key

DemandCaster - Update Connection Details

  • Click on the blue "Enter" text link next to the Business Node that you need to update
    • You will get a confirmation "Are you sure you want to enter this company?" click on the "OK" button
  • You will start on "Requirement Plan", click on "Data" then click on "Data Hub"
  • Click on "Plex", then click on "PCNs"
  • Click on the edit icon next to the item that you need to update.
  • Update the "Client Id" (if needed)
  • Type/Paste the new/updated API secret in the "Client Secret" text box then click on the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.
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