Enable Plex IAM User Log In to DemandCaster

Please note that any user of the company will be able to access DemandCaster via Plex IAM. Currently there is no means to control this on the Plex side. As such, the customer's DemandCaster administrator will have to audit the users. In addition, the administrator will need to ensure the correct permissions are assigned to the user once their account is created.

Go to Business Nodes

Click on Pcn Mapping button

Click Add New

A PCN mapping for each of the customers PCN's will be required.

Click "Add New" and then enter the name of the PCN (this would be considered a location in DemandCaster) and enter the PCN's tenant id.

Click "Save" to save the entry

Create and Select a Default User Role for New Plex IAM users

Click to select the default Plex IAM role that will be assigned to new users. We recommend creating a role with minimal

The admin is responsible for changing the default user role of a specific user after they log in.

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