Integrating with Salesforce

DemandCaster/Plex SCP S&OP add-on has a new event planning solution and will later add IHS forecast integration to advanced planning. Events can be many things including future potential sales opportunities and customers want to easily understand and plan for the impact these opportunities have on revenue, margin, capacity, and materials. The integration to Salesforce is executed via a third party iPaaS solution to eliminate the need to double enter opportunities in two separate system.

There is an additional subscription and implementation cost to integrate DemandCaster to Salesforce, so please contact customer service or your sales rep for more information.

Opportunity Management

Create opportunity in DemandCaster event planning

  • Capture unit volume, price, and cost data for customer, item, and location combo
  • Send this from DemandCaster to Salesforce for opportunity management
  • Conversely…

Create opportunity in Salesforce

  • Send unit volume, price, and cost data for customer, item, and location combo to DemandCaster for impact management

Integration Requirements

Requires services to configure the iPaaS to work with Salesforce and extract and post the correct data to and from DemandCaster/Plex SCP

Integrated data sources will be:

  • Customer
  • Item
  • Price
  • Unit volume
  • Date/periods when the opportunity will occur
  • User (account rep)
  • Cost (optional)
  • Location (optional)
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