FTP Troubleshooting

Should you run into a problem with a customer that has a FTP connection the process below should help.

NOTE: These tests have been written for the most part for Windows based computers with PowerShell used as the script of choice.

Windows Users - How To Open PowerShell ISE

NOTE: Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Server should all have PowerShell ISE by default. The scripts on this document assume the user only has the default PowerShell installed without additional libraries or modules.

  • Click on the Start Menu or press the Windows key on the keyboard
  • Look for or type "PowerShell ISE"
    • Note: Most computers will have a "Windows PowerShell ISE" and a "Windows PowerShell ISE (x86)", we specifically want the one without the x86. There is an option to open as administrator but we do not need that level of permission.
  • If all you see is the blue background area you will need to click on the "Script" button at the top right. We will be using the script edit window to run our commands so the end user can save for future testing as necessary.
Mac OSX - How To Open Terminal

Option 1

  • Go to "Go" menu and click on "Utilities"
  • Find "Terminal" or "" and double click on it

Option 2

  • Hold down the CMD (Mac icon) key and then press the space bar to load Spotlight Search
  • Type "Terminal" and press the RETURN key on the keyboard
1. Ping The FTP Server

First step is to verify they can see our servers

# Windows PowerShell
ping -n 5
# Mac OSX Terminal
ping -c 5

The result will look slightly different depending on their operating system (Windows or Mac) but what you are looking for is 0% loss or 0.0% packet loss

Make sure you run the same test, if they can not reach our server but you can it's likely an internet issue on their end. If neither one of you can access the server then you will need to open a ServiceNow ticket and notify the customer that we have a problem and have escalated it to our server team.

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