Consensus Forecast Prep and Upload

A consensus forecast is a demand plan forecast that is provided by the customer and is typically a result of discussions and collaboration with sales. The difference in a consensus forecast demand plan versus a normal demand plan is that it typically includes any promotion plans within the forecast. Therefore, when uploaded it will override the base demand plan and 4-P entered values.

The following steps describe how to upload a consensus forecast.

Go to System Settings

  1. Click on Utilities
  2. Click on System Settings
Go to System Settings

Enable Consensus Forecast in System Settings

  1. Click "Yes" for "Use Consensus Forecast in Demand Plan"
  2. Select the Level where the forecast will be uploaded to in the "Consensus Forecast Upload Level" drop down. In most cases, the forecast will be at the item level.
Enable Consensus Forecast in System Settings

Prepare Upload File

Create an upload file with the customer number in column A and the item number in column B.

The consensus forecast will follow in each column with the date in the header of each column.

Save the file as a tab delimited text file, zip the file, and upload per the instructions described in the article Manually Uploading Data.

Prepare Upload File

View Result

Go to the customer item context by following the steps described in the article Navigating from item to item when making demand plan edits in different contexts or performing a direct search.

  1. You will see the Consensus Forecast row populated with data.
  2. Regardless of the values in the total row the Consensus Forecast will serve as the new demand plan value for the item.
  3. To confirm, view the Final Total row to ensure a match.
View Result

Removing a Consensus Forecast

To remove a consensus forecast for an item or specific bucket(s), make the period cell in the upload file an empty string prior to upload.

Please note that a zero in the field does not achieve the same result since it makes the forecast for the period a zero and not empty.

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