Hierarchical Grid Demand Plan Input Mask

The Demand Plan input mask presents demand plan nodes in rows on a single page to allows for easier editing. This is a user specific view so it can be configured by users.

There are more options coming in a future release which will include filtering, adding additional metrics, and getting to the grid view faster once created.

To create a new input grid, follow the steps below.

Click on Grid in S&OP Menu

Click Add new

Enter Name of Grid

Click on Data Tab and Click on Data Options to Include

Please note that the Base Demand Plan value is the editable demand plan value.

Click View to View the Result

  1. You may select different levels from the drop down
  2. Click the down arrow drills down each level within the hierarchy
  3. Clicking the edit icon goes to the demand plan view

Example of drill down to the customer level where all the plans are stacked for easy editing.

Values may be edited, and then saves as you would in the standard demand plan view.

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