Creating an S&OP Planning Hierarchy by uploading or via automation

After planning levels are manually created in DemandCaster per the article DemandCaster S&OP Planning Hierarchy, users may expedite the creation of the relationships between nodes and levels by uploading a text file named named planninghierarchy.txt.

We have also introduced an automated method via the data upload process to remove the need for a manual process. The automated method only manages the relationship from the item level and one level above items, and customers and one level above customers. The automation is reviewed in the last step of the article.

With each new upload the hierarchy is updated based on the values in column B and D. Any prior relationships that are not over-written or re-uploaded are not removed.

Please note that if there is an error in the upload file the entire file wont load. The error needs to be removed first prior to re-uploading. The error will be communicated in the error log.

Manual Uploaded Node and Relationship Creation Upload

The text file must be setup as follows:

  • Column A: Name of top level
  • Column B: Node within the level
  • Column C: Name of level below
  • Column D: Node within level

In each row, column C and D will be associated with column A and B. The relationship between parent (column B) and child (column D) is one to many therefore, you cannot have the same name child node going to more than one parent node.

Please note the following:

  • Each upload handles the relationship between two levels. You may stack multiple levels in the upload. See upload sample below. Starting in row 8278 and above, the hierarchies are the product group and design level. Starting in row 8279 and below, the hierarchy is between the design and item levels.
  • You may combine the customer hierarchy and the item hierarchy in the same file.
  • This file will not only establish the relationships between the nodes and level, but every node which does not currently exist will also be automatically created.
  • Once the file is prepared, name the file planninghierarchy.txt and save as a tab delimited text file. Zip the file and follow the Data Upload process. Repeat the process until all the level nodes and relationships have been created. This process may be automated as well.

Upon completion, run the S&OP Pareto to execute the linking of all the levels to together.

Manual Uploaded Node and Relationship Creation Upload

Automated Hierarchy Creation

This is managed by the data upload process and replicates the hierarchy building process above via SQL. We need to know the data location of the levels that will be created. For this process to work, the levels must have already been created just like when manually uploading the planning hierarchy. Please submit a support request if you require help in setting the data feed properly.

Option: A Quick Way to Build a Single Level Item Hierarchy

The simplest way to create a single level item hierarchy is the use the items product category.

In the item table, you can use the product class (column I) as the level above the item. If so, the option "Use Product Class for product parent level in S&OP" needs to be activated in system settings. This will need to be done by DemandCaster personnel after you create the level in DemandCaster first.

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