What Steps are Required After Finalizing a Demand Plan in S&OP

After demand plan review and edits are completed, the following steps should be executed to apply the changes through requirement planning.

Review S&OP Progress Bar

The color coded progress indicator will show you what needs to be run via the color coding and timestamps. In short, anything that is yellow or red should be run prior to approving the plan.

  • Green: Updated.
  • Yellow: Needs to be run. A process that precedes it has been run.
  • Red: Data out of date, needs to run.

Running the requirement review is optional.

Review S&OP Progress Bar

Run supply plan

This is done in the Demand and Supply plan view by clicking on "Run Supply Plan" in the menu bar.

Run supply plan

Choose to Run New Safety Stocks

If Yes: New safety stocks are calculated and applied to the supply plan.

If No: The previously calculated safety stocks are used and applied to the supply plan.

Choose to Run New Safety Stocks

Approve Plan

As stated, you may choose to run a requrement and capacity review prior to approving the plan to assess any supply challenges to the plan prior to approval. This is optional and is normally executed prior to the Demand Plan being approved.

  1. Upon completion of the requirement review (if executed), click "Plan Approval"
  2. Click "Approve" button to approve.

Once approved, the next active requirement plan will use the demand and supply planning parameters set during S&OP.

Approve Plan
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