Adding new or existing items to new or existing customers in demand planning

When uploading new or existing items to new or existing customers in demand planning, you simply add the customer / item relationship and upload per the article Uploading a User Defined Forecast / Demand Plan (S&OP Platform).  This article describes the steps to add new items to customers when manually entering these values in demand planning.

This is related to instances where an item will be sold to customers that have not previously purchased an item or a new item is introduced with no prior sales. In this case, you must add the item to a customer and then to the hierarchy if hierarchies have been added.

The same steps are followed in instances where a new customer is added. In this case, the items that are going to be sold to the customer must be added in order to generate a demand plan.

Go to Planning Hierarchy in S&OP Menu Group

  1. From the S&OP menu, select "Planning Hierarchy"
  2. Select "item" level from the drop down

Go to Item Level of the Hierarchy

  1. Search for the item to be associated by using the search box.
  2. In cases where the item is new, you may filter the selection by the "New" tag. DemandCaster auto-tags items that were not previously in DemandCaster with the tag "New."

Associate New Items to Customers and Nodes

  1. Select the item to be "Associated to a Customer" by clicking on the checkbox.
  2. Click "Associate to Customer"
  3. A pop-up will open
  4. Select the customer(s) to associate the item with by searching
  5. Select the items to associate and then click "Associate" or...
  6. You may also click on the add icon if the customer is visible in the list

Save Association

  1. Once the item is selected, click Save to Save the association.
  2. You may associate many customers at one time if the item will be sold to more than one customer/channel.

Confirm the Item is Associated

  1. Once the association is created, the Customer Association field will be "yes" to denote a user link has been created between an item and customer(s)

Enter Demand Plan values

Once the association is created, you may enter demand plan values as normal.

Remove Associations

  1. You may remove previously created associations by clicking the check box next to the item that has been assigned an association.
  2. Click on "Disassociate to Customers" button in the toolbar.
  3. The pop-up will open where you can either manually remove each association by clicking on the small button and then clicking save
  4. You may also click "Delete Associations" to remove all associations. Clicking Delete Associations automatically removes all associations and saves
  5. Upon removing the association, a new Demand Plan MUST BE run

Confirm Deletion

  1. Confirm the Deletion by check to make sure "Customers Association" is set to "No"
  2. Upon removing the association, a new Demand Plan MUST BE run


  1. If there is a hierarchical level above the item you must also associate the item to its node first
  2. Once all hierarchies and associations have been created, a new Demand Plan must be run to formally prepare the data for demand planning.
  3. Make certain you enable forecasting for the customer/items (when pareto grouping is enabled) that are being associated so that they can be discretely forecasted in Demand Planning. If this is not done, the item or customer will fall under the “Other” grouped category in Pareto.
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