S&OP Change Log

DemandCaster includes a change log in the S&OP add-on that tracks user changes and allows for any user defined edits to be reverted.

Change Log Locations

The change log is found in two places:

  1. Within the planning node: Tracks changes specific to the node
  2. Overall: Tracks all changes

Clicking on either takes you to the change log detail.

View Changes

  1. You may use the drop down to filter on specific dates, user changes, or types of changes.
  2. Click "View" to view the change. Changes can only be made in the order of the last change.

View Change and Undo if Applicable

Click "Undo Changes" to undo. You may sequence as many changes as required.

Apply Changes or Defer as Required

Each time a change is made, a new entry is made in the change log.

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