Revert to Statistical

Revert to statistical is a function that changes a user defined demand plan value to statistical.

The function is only available when editing the plan within context.

How to Revert to Statistical

Click on Revert to Statistical in the toolbar opens a pop-up that allows you to select one or many periods to revert the edited demand plan back to a statistical value. The Revert Price option reverts all the pricing values back to the calculated value.

Revert Rules

Any demand plan edits made at higher levels of the hierarchy prevent lower level forecasts from being reverted.

In the example below, we wish to revert the demand plan in October to the statistical value. However, since the value is bounded by red, it indicates that the edit was made at an higher level of the hierarchy. When we try to revert, the value will not be reverted and the system will communicate why it was not applied. It will also communicate where the upper level change was made. In this example, it was made at the customer level at Walmart during the month of October. To revert, you will need to go to that Customer and revert the forecast there.

The reason for this is because the upper level edit will always supersede lower level revert to forecasts since the upper level not only changes the lower level item in question but other items that are also under that customer. You can, however, manually change the demand plan at the lower level since the change is only affecting a single item with the customers hierarchy. The change at the item level will update the upper level forecast to reflect the change for the one item.

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