What is the S&OP Planning Progress Tool Bar?

The S&OP Demand and Supply Planning process includes a progress tool-bar. This toolbar helps users easily see how the process is progressing through the planning workflow.

The Progress Toolbar

The Progress Tool bar follows the following S&OP steps:

  1. Demand Plan: Forecasting is handled in the Demand Planning step.
  2. Revenue and Statistics: This includes the revenue and statistics step that calculates errors, average pricing, and others sales and cost values up and down the hierarchy. If any changes are made to the Demand Plan, the Revenue and Statistics and Supply Plan need to be rerun.
  3. Supply Plan: Supply Planning is handled in the Supply Planning step. If any changes are made to the Demand Plan, the Supply Plan needs to be rerun since the Demand Plan is the input.
  4. Approval: The Approval step follows the Supply Plan. An approved plan drives the day to day requirement plan in DemandCaster and/or your ERP.

The toolbar sections illustrate what needs to be run via the color coding and timestamps. In short, anything that is yellow or red should be run prior to approving the plan. If a process is updated before the approval step, all the yellow and red colored steps need to be run again. Per the image below, the Supply Plan needs to be run before approving the plan.

  • Green: Updated.
  • Yellow: Needs to be run. A process that precedes it has been run but there has been no change to the base data.
  • Red: Data out of date, needs to run.

Running the Requirement Review or Capacity Review is optional. They are performed after the completion of the supply plan and before plan approval to identify any material and/or capacity challenges.

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