S&OP Budget and Revised Budget Management

The following described the steps required to populate a primary and revised budget. Both Budget and Revised Budget may be uploaded as defined below. The copy budget process works only with the Budget line, not Revised Budget

Populate Primary Budget using Copy Budget function

To populate the primary budget, once the demand plan for the coming fiscal year is ready, you may click on "Copy Budget" to populate the latest demand plan from the item level on up in the Budget line in the S&OP view.

You may update the budget line through out the year by repeating the process. It will populate the value from the current period forward.

Please note that clicking the budget immediately copies the current demand plan. If you do this in error, please contact support so the budget can be removed.

In addition, this button can be hidden via the user permissions to prevent users from populating the budget line in error.

Populate Primary Budget by Uploading

The SOP budget upload file is prepared in the exact same format as the userdefinedsopforecast.txt but with the name sopbudget.txt. The only difference difference between the user defined forecast upload and the Budget uploads is the name of the file. The name of the file communicates to DC what is being upload. Everything else stays exactly the same. 

See the article Uploading a User Defined Forecast / Demand Plan (S&OP Platform) for directions on how to prepare the user defined forecast upload file. Once ready, rename the file to sopbudget, zip the file, and then upload.

For items that will no longer sold or should not be included in the budget, please make certain to 0 out the plan for those items so that the budget is also 0.

The uploaded file must be a zipped tab delimited text file named sopbudget.txt.

Only upload the budget at the customer / item context. Do not upload a budget at upper levels. The customer / item context will provide the most accurate representation of the budget since the customer / item context is where the most accurate pricing is applied.

If you wish to upload the budget as of the beginning of the current fiscal year, please email support and ask that a hold back be run in your demand plan. A hold back runs a forecast as of the beginning of the fiscal year and populates the empty current fiscal year demand plan with forecast values. Once this is complete, you may upload the current fiscal year budget and the data will load.

Revised Budget Line

To enable the revised budget, in system settings, check "Yes" in the "Enable revised budget in demand plan" option under "Sales & Operation Planning Settings."

Populate Revised Budget by Uploading

The SOP revised budget upload file is prepared in the exact same format as the SOP budget as defined above but with the name soprevisedbudget.txt.

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