June 25, 2020 Release Notes

New MOQ and pack/batch size setting options

In item detail options as well as multi-edit, users cant select between a user defined versus the value uploaded via ERP for both MOQ and Pack size. The image below is what is currently provided in Item Detail Options tab:

This release provides the option to select ERP or modify the user defined value for MOQ and Pack size:

Added expedite lead time visualization to pop-up planner action grid

As a use I would like to see the expedite lead time in the popup grid.

Case cube value increased from 2 decimal to 4 decimal places

The increase has been made to improve the precision of batching templates using the case cube value.

New 4-5-4 Calendar System Setting

A new 4-5-4 calendar option has been added. This is selected during the creation of a business node.

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